Free Blog Comments

How to set up free comments on your blog using Disqus.

Results Of This Tutorial

Step 1: Create An Account at Disqus

Step 2: Get The Disqus Comments Snippet

Next you need the HTML magic from Disqus to include in any pages that has comments.

Step 3: Add The Comments To The Default Layout

Step 4: Set The Post Template To Include Comments

To make any future posts include comments always you should modify the template:

Step 5: Ensure Previous Post Include Comments

If you have already made previous posts, you should remember to enable comments there:

Step 6: Build and Preview Locally

To make sure everything is working:

$ jekyll build
$ jekyll serve

You should then be able to preview your site at http://localhost:4000.

Step 7: Deploy

Once everything is fine you should commit your local changes to the site source:

$ git commit -a -m 'Added Disqus comments.'
$ git push

Then you can deploy the site live:

$ octopress deploy

You may wish to post a test comment at this point.

Step 8: Optional - Add Comment Counts to Index

If you want to show number of comments in the index page, Disqus supports this.

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